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Eye Opener by Animelover889 Eye Opener :iconanimelover889:Animelover889 3 0 Old OC Redraw WIP by Animelover889 Old OC Redraw WIP :iconanimelover889:Animelover889 0 0
We Should've Never Met (CanadaXReader)
  You walked down the hallways of your new high school "(*insert school name*)". You had just transferred and you were a bit timid and shy. Well not really a little, more like a lot.
You looked around with your beautiful (e/c) eyes. You saw as other students talked to one another. 
'I sure wish i had someone to talk to.i would talk to someone but, i'm just too shy, and what if i say something and get embarrassed?' you thought.
You were too shy because at your old school, when you had talked to a person hoping to get a friend, you got embarrassed. All you can remember is tripping on your face flat, and people laughing at you. You simply sighed and walked to class, not bothering to talk to anyone. 
'oh dear...' you thought as soon as you saw the class cheering at the two boys that were fighting. Well you couldn't see the two boys clearly but you assumed they were fighting when you heard the students cheer 'FIGHT!FIGHT!' as if they were at a w
:iconanimelover889:Animelover889 31 38
Ay Chabela
    "Ya no se cómo ganar el corazón de esa chica Alejandro" Antonio sighed sadly at his friend Alejandro, otherwise known as Mexico. 
   "Pues carnal, tengas qué pensar...Ah!Ya lo se!" Alejandro grinned.Antonio's face brightened and looked at his somewhat 'brother'.
   "Well you better tell me then"
  "Well at my place, usually when us men want to confess our love to a women, we sing them a song!" Alejandro said happily. Antonio thought about it for a moment....
'Well if it win's (y/n) heart, then i guess it's worth it" Antonio thought carefully. 
 "Fine. I'll sing the chica a song. But, which?"
"Well i think i have a song in mind...but i'm not sure"Alejandro hesitated. 
"Just let me listen to the song, it might be good"
~le time skip brought to you by fairies~ 
  "I can't believe i'm doing this" Antonio groaned. 
"Well you said you wanted to win
:iconanimelover889:Animelover889 23 31
hatsune miku (re-update) by Animelover889 hatsune miku (re-update) :iconanimelover889:Animelover889 3 3 lonely by Animelover889 lonely :iconanimelover889:Animelover889 1 8 walking in the night by Animelover889 walking in the night :iconanimelover889:Animelover889 3 5 hello by Animelover889 hello :iconanimelover889:Animelover889 0 6 what lead me to this? by Animelover889 what lead me to this? :iconanimelover889:Animelover889 1 0
Wait There (AmericaXReader Part 5)
     Your Mom's P.O.V.
     After my daughter promised not to see this boy, yet she does....
Maybe she should be punished? But she has her reasons for breaking the lie though. I'm going to have a talk with her AND Alfred.
    Your P.O.V.
     My mom doesn't look happy. I quickly got away from Alfred and blushed scarlet.
I got up and walked over to my mom.
"Mom look it's not what you think-well it is but-"
" for you Alfred i need you to go home and explain to your mother that you need to come to my house later on"
"Yes ma'am" he said while walking home. I looked at Alfred and a frown formed on my face. My looked at me and scowled a bit. I frowned and looked down and walked home with my mother. We didn't make one sound on the way home. I felt the tension between the both of us. When we got home my mom closed the door and told me to sit. 
"You're lucky your father is at work. However, aside from that, do you know h
:iconanimelover889:Animelover889 14 19
Lover Dearest (EnglandXReader)
This place is a hole
But i don't wanna go
I wish we could stay here forever alone

    You and  England were sitting on the couch watching a movie.You cuddled next to him and laid your head on his shoulder.He smiled a bit and stroked your (H/C) hair and continued watching the movie.
You two have been together for at least 2 years. You both were happy together. Sure you had your fights but they were never able to separate the both of you.
~the next day~
  You both were walking in the park together.Hand in hand. It was winter and it was a bit cold so you held onto his hand a bit tightly.You felt his hand radiate heat onto yours.
You smiled and looked down.
This time that we waste
but i still love your taste

    Arthur knew that you both could've been at home or somewhere else. But since he loved you he tagged along with you.
"Can i go on the swings?" you asked him. He smiled and nodded. You ra
:iconanimelover889:Animelover889 31 17
Finally Got My Glasses! by Animelover889 Finally Got My Glasses! :iconanimelover889:Animelover889 2 26
Wait There (AmericaXReader Part 4)
Your P.O.V 
    "Well?" My dad said while raising an eyebrow.

Come on (Y/N) think! I got it!
"Well when I came here.I saw a guy that was alone.He was about your age.At least I think he is near your age.I thought he was lonely so I sat next to him and I started talking to him.And he had some food and offered me some.Since I didn't want to be rude I said yes and we began to eat.But then he left and then that's when you came,"
I said quickly while smiling at the end.

Hopefully he doesn't think I'm lying

"I did not understand a word you just said but ill accept it"my dad said.I nodded.We began to walk home.That was close-wait Alfred! I didn't tell him to leave from behind the tree! I hope he realizes we left already.
Alfred's P.O.V. 
 "(Y/N) are you there? (Y/N)?....I thknk she already left"I sighed. I left from behind the tree and headed home. That was a bit close. If I hadn't hid....BOTH of us would've been dead. (Y
:iconanimelover889:Animelover889 20 72
Wait There (AmericaXReader part 3)
~The next day
Your P.O.V.
I was asleep.Until I felt the warm rays of the sun lightly caress my cheeks and then my eyes.My eyes fluttered open and I put myself into a sitting position and I yawned quietly and stretched.
"(Y/N) breakfast is ready"your mother said while standing at your door.
"Yes mommy" you said quietly.Your mother smiled and walked downstairs to the kitchen. 
Mom's P.O.V.
I began to sweep the floors before (Y/N) came down for breakfast.I looked at my husband.I began to think of the time he had forbidden (Y/N) to see that other boy.Her reaction....she was really upset.I've never seen her so angry.I thought for a while.I opened my mouth and broke the silence.
"Honey, do you think it was necessary to forbid (Y/N) from seeing that boy?"
"I think so.The last time she would've died.How do i know if he was the one who pushed our daughter into the river in the first place? Better to be safe then sorry.I don't want to have to lose one of our children anymore"he said firmly.
:iconanimelover889:Animelover889 21 22
Red Riding Hood ^-^ by Animelover889 Red Riding Hood ^-^ :iconanimelover889:Animelover889 6 56 My 2P form by Animelover889 My 2P form :iconanimelover889:Animelover889 1 46


160717 by siiju 160717 :iconsiiju:siiju 356 10 Sansa Stark by Nieris Sansa Stark :iconnieris:Nieris 1,114 29 Meteor Strike! by Quirkilicious Meteor Strike! :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 1,786 41 Halloween Sweets by DAV-19 Halloween Sweets :icondav-19:DAV-19 4,757 375 Box of Chocolates by DAV-19 Box of Chocolates :icondav-19:DAV-19 8,352 792 Raffaello by DAV-19 Raffaello :icondav-19:DAV-19 7,215 697 Bacon Pancake by DAV-19 Bacon Pancake :icondav-19:DAV-19 6,712 536
Stupid Cat (Jealous!America x Reader x Americat)
Stupid Cat (Jealous!America x Reader x Americat)
*Disclaimers; Little bit of cussing up ahead but not enough to put a restriction on, also quite a few POV changes, Other than that enjoy :3*
~~~Third Person POV~~~
Alfred was happy that you had moved in with him, he truly was, after all it is normal for a couple to share a house after sometime dating. He got to spend more time with you and show his affection towards you more often, however so did his stupid obese cat.
The same stupid cat that has been hoarding you attention ever since you got here, the same god-damn cat that attacks him if he gets too close to you, the same annoying cat that gets away with EVERYTHING!, and to put it simply it was pissing him off.
Alfred peered around the wall, cheeks puffed out and lips forming a pout as he glared daggers at the fat fur ball on your lap.
To no surprise you were focu
:iconrhythmicbeat:RhythmicBeat 703 260
Surprises {MarcoxReader} [Modern!AU]
You push open the door to the building you have become so accustomed to visiting over the past few weeks, today would be your last visit and though you were sad, because there were things about your visits that you would miss, you were more excited than anything. Because finally, finally today you’d be leaving with him. The now familiar musty smell crept up your nostrils and you had to pause for a second to gather yourself, because you walked to the reception desk. The girl working behind it grinned up at you as she saw you.
“Good morning, Mrs. Bodt! Today’s finally the day, huh?” You couldn’t help but grin at the sound of your name. Mrs. Bodt. Mrs. _____ Bodt. It had been a year, a year exactly, since you’d taken that name and yet the  bubble of excitement that you felt when you heard it had still not subsided. You didn’t know if it ever would really, because every day you were happy to be Mrs. Bodt.
You couldn’t quite grasp that it
:iconstevie-writes:stevie-writes 161 62
Child!Canada x Reader - Rescued
Child!Canada x Reader - Rescued
(f/c) Favorite color
(e/c) Eye color
(f/n) First name
(l/n) Last name
(d/l/n) Doctor's last name
(h/c) Hair color
(f/c/s) Favorite cartoon show
~Your POV~
The rain was pouring now, the wind whipping ice-cold pellets into my face and threatening to take my (f/c) umbrella away. I’m never going to make it home in one piece in this weather! I’ll just stick to the sidewalk until I get to my house. Suddenly, I heard a muffled crying, followed by some soft sniffles. When I looked up, there was a little boy sitting on a bench, his face hidden by a stuffed toy bear. My instincts kicked in and I ran over to this boy. I quickly held my umbrella so that we both were under its protection.
“What in the world are you doing out here?” I asked the little boy. His sniffles slowed down enough to answer me. He slowly lifted his head and peered into my (e/c) eyes. I stared back into his beautiful blue-violet orbs. His lo
:iconfrostychica:FrostyChica 513 202
child!Canada x reader x child!America-Babysitting
You were impatiently waiting at the front step of Arthur's, a classmate of yours, house. Francis, Arthur's brother, was framing you with a picture he took of you drunk as hell at a party. Luckily no one else from your school was there but that just made it that much easier for him. He even got Arthur to help him mess with you which sucked because Arthur really didn't like you. Today they both were suppose to be babysitting their little brother's but they just passed that down for you to do while they went out somewhere.
"Oh well it's about time you got here, (name)", Arthur greeted you after opening the door.
"Shut up", you sighed then walked inside. "So where's the little kid I'm watching?"
"You're watching two kids so have fun", Francis threw his arm over your shoulder and pointed down the hall where two little blonde boys were walking into the living room, where you were at. One had blue eyes and the other had purple ones. They both wore glasses though.
"Aww. They're adorable"
:iconeriko-neko:eriko-neko 447 98
2p!child!America x reader x 2p!child!Canada-Sitter
Please, make sure you have time to read this before you start >w< It is long as hell and has a shit load of cuss words and some stuff sexually said, nothing done, but probably still not suited for the average child XD Enjoy~!
You, a seventeen year old, were one of the 'best' babysitters in your city. Parents would almost literally throw money at you to babysit their kids. The reason for the quotes around the word best is because, you weren't that good. You didn't even like kids, but it did pay. That was all that mattered.
Those who truly knew you, would call you a troubled teen. You didn't believe that though. You felt that others thought, just because you weren't clean cut and perky, that you were troubled. You weren't. Sure, you might stay out late, cussed out a few adults before, and have a drink or two with friends. You didn't think those were grounds to call you troubled. Your parents thought you were fine. 
Their names were Tino and Berwald. You thought you t
:iconeriko-neko:eriko-neko 550 137
Canada x Reader - Plushie Confession
Sleepovers with Matthew and his brother Alfred always proved themselves to be eventful.
Whether or not that was a good thing, you’ve yet to decide.
“Matthew, help! Your– brother– is– choking– me!”
“C-C’mon now Alfred, let _____ go, it’s just a movie–”
Having completely disregarded Matthew’s attempts at making Alfred let you go, the American instead chose to grab onto Matthew too, ensnaring him in his death grip in his fit of fear.
Why did you accept their invitation for a sleepover again?
Oh yeah.
Because of Matthew.
Not saying it like it’s a bad thing, but your longtime, shy Canadian friend Matthew was someone you happened to harbor feelings for; and due to these feelings, you usually wanted to be around him, a
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,186 224


I honestly love this picture. Right when i saw the title and picture I immediately loved it. The title connects with the picture perfec...

She's very beautiful to begin with. The pose is wonderful and you managed to draw the character in that pose perfectly.The blush is ado...

by 02Aya

I love the song so thats what made me realize what this was right away. I also love how you made this in sketch but it would've looked ...



Eye Opener
Hopefully I can submit more but I like how this came out for being done so suddenly
Old OC Redraw WIP
I'm finally back and I looked through my old stuff. I decided to redraw most of my old things.
Old Drawing: Utsukushi
(I'll likely change her name but ahh it's so weird to be back)
I should really stop making promises if I can't keep them. I can't promise that I'll actually be active because that hasn't exactly gone as I planned for a couple months now. With all the schoolwork and applications to see if I'll be accepted into UCVTS and getting prepared for the admissions exam and getting prepared with my bowls of ice cream in case I don't get accepted (which I'm sure will happen*low self esteem yaaaaay* Chihaya Crying Icon ) But yeah...I'm also going through some issues with a relationship I'm in. Her parents (well mostly her sister) aren't exactly on best terms with the relationship and all but I need some time to calm down a bit. Other than that my life is full of work and watercolor paintings(plus relationship issues). Also my hair got cut a week ago so now i lost a foot and 3 inches of my hair so I had a panic attack when I saw my hair cut off from my head. Tomoko Screaming Icon But it was for a good cause for the kids with cancer so I feel good Mashiro Happy Icon (my hair looks like that, just a little below the shoulders q w q )
In the end though I'm happy to try to finish requests that the people that requested them might not even remember and uploading stories or horrible paintings and sketches. It surprises me too see that some people actually still like my work and still comment so when I see the little comments I just go into
 Markiplier Freak Out -EMOTE-  this stage. But enough of my boring life there's actually something I have to announce! Chiyo Talking Icon 
There was actually a story I had been working on since last year which I think is actually really bad even though it turned out to be sixteen pages of suffering that I had to go through for such a small concept [keep in mind, that I'm not even done typing with yet] i havent really thought about it yet but aside from that, I read over it and I thought about it and soon I thought maybe I should post it on DeviantArt but chapter by chapter that I actually finished editing. I thought, "hey maybe your writing will actually come out nice this time! Yeah!"Dipper but I still keep thinking it's a really bad idea because I'm not sure if it'll actually be nice Erika Scared Icon *in fear of deciding* so that's why I'm going to ask, do you think I should post this??? Kobeni Embarrassed Icon  please don't judge me if the story ends up being very mediocre and uninteresting. It's literally one of the assignments I had actually become deeply interested that even till now, I'm still working on with both illustrations and writing. But yeah, please leave tell me in the comments below whether I should actually post the story 
q w q 

            Goodbye!Tamako Waving Hand Icon and now off to the nap I so eagerly need Kobeni Embarrassed Icon 


Animelover889's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm just another regular shy timid girl.
I have a couple friends and I'm usually the one that likes to make jokes from time to time when its quiet.
I'm one of the only people in my grade who like anime. Some people find me awkward for that.
But I tend to just accept it. I'm also the kind of person who hates to talk because they're worried about being criticized.
I love vocaloids and I have so many favorite anime shows that I can't pick one! >w<
Thats almost a part of me. I'm also part mexican and american and ya....that's all! >-<



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